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Members, legislators will return on Monday afternoon to work on the General Fund Budget. Please contact your legislator back home or call to Montgomery and leave a message. Our concerns are as follows:

Do not use the Rolling Reserve Act for General Fund expenses. These are education dollars not surplus money as referred to by some elected officials. If this money is going to be spent, keep your promise and spend it on education. As Senator Hank Sanders stated in a committee meeting, “Taking money from the fund would be like robbing Peter’s children to pay Paul.”
Do not look to change funding sources with no replacement dollars or a promise to backfill the ETF monies. Excise Tax is one that legislators may consider moving to the General Fund and replace that growth tax with something else for the ETF. They will be risking public education tax dollars that should be spent on educating the children of Alabama.
Please activate your Advocacy Network.

If you need to call to the state house, the Senate number is 334-242-7800, House number is 334-242-7600 and Governor Bentley’s office is 334-242-7100.


AUG 31st deadline to complete Wellness Program or $50/mo. surcharge on each not Medicare eligible.

Greetings from PEEHIP,
The PEEHIP Wellness Program includes a wellness screening, health questionnaire (HQ), and health coaching. Participation in this program is required for a retiree or a covered spouse if either is non-Medicare eligible and covered under PEEHIP’s Blue Cross Blue Shield Hospital Medical plan (group #14000) in order to earn the waiver of the $50 monthly premium. So if you are Medicare-eligible then you are not required to do anything for the Wellness Program. While many retirees have completed 1 or more of the activities listed above, many have not completed all of the activities necessary in order to earn the waiver of the upcoming $50 monthly wellness premium, which begins in October 2015.
For all those non-Medicare eligible subscribers and non-Medicare eligible spouses covered on a retiree contract, the deadline to complete the required activities is August 31, 2015. So do not delay! Call 855.294.6580 or go online to www.MyActiveHealth.com/PEEHIP today and click on “My Wellness Rewards and My Required Activities”. This page will show a Progress Wheel with a completion percentage. If your wheel does not show 100%, then take action today to complete whatever is needed, which will be shown on that page below the wheel. Subscribers and spouses do not share log-ins, so both will have to have a separate account.
Remember that if you prefer to not use the Internet, you may call ActiveHealth at 1-855-294-6580 and they will assist you with completing all that you need.
If you still need to complete a wellness screening, you may obtain this at your primary care physician by using PEEHIP’s Healthcare Provider Screening form, which is attached to this email. Simply take this form to your doctor and ask for the routine blood tests to be performed, which will be covered at no copay to you as long as no other tests are ordered in excess of what is required for the PEEHIP form. You may also call your local county health department to see if wellness screenings will be given in your area prior to the August 31, 2015 deadline.
PEEHIP wants all members to complete the required activities and avoid paying more each month for the wellness premium. So please check your status today and complete all that you need in order to earn your waiver of the $50 monthly charge.

Quarterly TCERA Meeting held 7/21

0721051008b 0721051048Wanda Patterson and Beverly Gray from PEEHIP at our meeting to present changes in our health insurance and to answer questions. Pretty good turnout with good amount of donated school supplies which were delivered to Radney Elementary. Good to see everyone there and very informative meeting. Great refreshments.

TRS Retired Position No.1 Candidates sought

In case you missed it: Link for June,2015 Advisor

Retired Position No.1 available (Sarah Swindle)

From the June “The Advisor”:
Candidates Sought for C Six TRS Board Positions
andidates are now being sought for six Teach- ers’ Retirement System (TRS) Board of Control positions. The six positions will be filled in an
election that will take place this October. Elected members will begin their three-year term of service on July 1, 2016.
The positions to be filled are Teacher Position No. 1 (Teresa Harbison Swindall), Teacher Position No. 2 (Ricky Whaley), Support Personnel Position No. 1 (Susan Lockridge), Retired Position No. 1 (Sarah Swindle), Postsecondary Position (Susan Williams Brown), and Higher Education Position No. 1 (Ray Hayes).
In order to qualify as a candidate for the Board, potential candidates must complete the Letter of Intent and Certificate of Assurance forms along with the Candidate Biographical Information form. The completed forms must be returned to the TRS office no later than 4:00 p.m., September 7, 2015. Nomination petitions with signatures are no lon- ger required.
If you are eligible and interested in running for any of the above positions, candidate forms
are available on our website at www.rsa-al.gov or contact the Elections Coordinator Deborah Kirk at 334.517.7192 or 877.517.0020. ●

Membership in TCERA

Membership in TCERA
$6/yr. Oct.1-Sept.30

Quarterly Meetings 3rd Tues. of 1st mo. of each Quarter
Refreshments supplied

Checks to: TCERA
16956 Central Plank Rd.
Eclectic, AL 36024

Name, Address, Phone (optional) number—– For Member Directory
Asked to bring school supply donations (optional) for area schools, paper, pencils, etc.


Facebook Group Page

We now have a group page on Facebook and you can get there by clicking on “TCERA’s Facebook page” in  menu bar at the top.


Welcome. My name is Rick Owens, retired in June, 2010 from Alexander City Bd of Education. For now I will be the administrator for our website. If you need to make an announcement on this site, you can email me at <[email protected]> and I will post it for you. Be patient with me please;it’s all new to me. I hope to get a Facebook page started soon which will, I think, be able to serve our members easier and use this page for more official posts concerning TCERA. Check back occasionally to see if anything is posted you should know about TCERA.